G3 Detailer Liquid Spray Wax

G3 Detailer Liquid Spray wax

G3 Detailer is a fast liquid spray wax for ‘that just waxed’ look. It removes surface contaminants including compound residue, light dirt, dust and fingerprints to leave a just-waxed, high gloss finish. Provides a perfect complement to Farécla G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection when used in combination, aiding protection.
A label is available for our water spray bottles (WSB), code for the label is PRM1144.

Farécla Light Cut Liquid Compound

Light Cut Liquid Compound

Ideal for removing light scratches or swirl marks from OEM & refinish clear coats in one step.

Prep Wipes Dry

Dry wipe for degreasing the surface prior to paint rectification.

  • Non snagging and low linting
  • Highly absorbent
Farécla Prep Wipes

Prep Wipes

Pre-saturated wipe for degreasing the surface prior to paint rectification.

Farecla Optimised Paint System Flexible Paint Cups

Farécla OPS Flexible Paint Cups

Farécla’s Optimised Paint System is an innovative process for the preparation and application of both solvent and water based paints.

Farecla Optimised Paint System Stoppers

Farécla OPS Stoppers

A Farécla OPS Stopper is used to cover the opening on the Farécla OPS Flexible Paint Cup lid.

Farécla Optimised Paint System Rigid Clear Cups

Farécla OPS Rigid Clear Cups

Used to measure paint for the Farécla OPS Flexible Paint Cups. Available in a 650ml size, blank or printed.