Farécla G Sand Denibbing Roses

G Sand Denibbing Roses

The Farécla Abrasives Range has been developed to offer solutions for fast, effective defect removal and preparation prior to the compounding proce

Farécla 150mm Universal Back Up Pad

150mm Universal Back Up Pad

The Farécla Back up Pad has 6 different attachments so it will fit most sanding machines world-wide.

Farécla G Mop Finishing Foams

G Mop Finishing Foams

The G Mop Finishing Foam is a Premium European grade foam. It has an open cell structure for improved air flow which lowers running temperature.

Farécla 150mm Interface Pad

150mm Interface Pad

Essential when using P1500 or P2000 discs. Enables sanding over curved surfaces.

Farécla Denibbing Block

Denibbing Block

To be used with Farécla Denibbing Rose.

Farécla Wet or Dry Flatting Block

Wet or Dry Flatting Block

Ideal for hand use with Waterproof sheets. Durable & robust as well as comfortable to grip.

Farécla Autopen


Use to mark out identified defects without damaging or permanently marking the paintwork.

Farécla G Scuff For Paint Preparation

G Scuff for Paint Preparation

G Scuff Paint Preparation is used for preparing a surface before painting to provide an even key for optimum paint adhesion.

Farécla G Matt Advanced Flatting Liquid

Advanced G Matt Flatting Liquid

The Advanced G Matt Flatting System offers you an innovative solution to common paintwork preparation problems.

Farécla Guide Dust

Guide Dust

Guide Dust is the fastest and most cost effective system for highlighting surface imperfections.

Farécla Industrial Finishing Cloths

Finishing Cloths

Finishing cloths engineered with microfibre technology.

Farécla G Wipe Industrial Degreasing Wipe

G Wipe Degreasing Wipe


Disposable wipe ideal for waterbourne degreasers.

Farécla Industrial G Wipe Polishing Wipe

G Wipe Polishing Wipe


Multi-purpose disposable wipe.

Farécla Industrial Prep Wipes

Prep Wipes


Pre-saturated wipe for degreasing the surface prior to paint rectification.

Farécla Industrial Tack Cloth Dispenser

Tack Cloth Dispenser

Low-tack tack cloths ideal for use with waterbourne base coats. Cloth safe tray built into dispenser prevents contamination from used cloths.