L-TEC launches Finishing Academy

Leading distributor L-TEC, a division of worldwide manufacturing company Farécla, has opened a Finishing Academy to help improve skills, increase productivity and teach end-users the latest techniques and application processes to achieve the best results in final finishing.

As a leading manufacturer in automotive refinishing, Farécla invests heavily in new product research and the development of new compounds and polishing systems to keep ahead of trends. As well as teaching refinishers, the training being offered at the L-TEC Finishing Academy will help technicians and polishers understand the correct method of use for abrasives, compounds and applicators, as well as how to avoid or rectify common problems associated with flattening and polishing.

A spoiled paint finish can lose the bodyshop time, money and profit through reworks. Farécla’s streamlined range of products work with a wide range of paint technologies, from waterborne to UV and scratch resistant coatings, even if the paint has been left to cure for a long time. The training programme not only provides a comprehensive overview of the chemistry of various compounds and modern paint systems, but gives a detailed summary of those paint types and how curing effects the ability to polish.

“Pressure is on bodyshops to complete repairs in a finite time,” said Francois Finet, Manager of Farécla L-TEC. “As products evolve, so do techniques. Our training is aimed at customers who want to obtain the best results in a faster turnaround time.”

The training is delivered in groups of 5 or 6 at the bodyshop’s premises so that there is less downtime and personnel will be working in a familiar environment using their own equipment and tools. In turn, the efficiency of the bodyshop can be improved.

“Polishing is one of the last stages in the body paint repair process and it is vital that it is carried out correctly using the right products and techniques. However, quite often because the time is not included in the estimate, it is given to the least experienced person, which can be a false economy as mistakes can lead to costly reworks. In recognition of this we are extending training to polishers so they too understand the latest developments and can achieve correct first time results in the fastest process time possible.” said Francoise Finet.

For further information, please contact L-Tec directly via l-tec@lack-technik.de.