Farécla Blog Entry 3: The Success of G3 Ultra

Now firmly back in the UK, Buff Daddy shares the recent success of G3 Premium and explains how you can get its unbeatable finish.

After six months of travelling and a very healthy tan to show for my efforts, it was time to take stock of progress back in the UK and specifically that of the new G3 Premium System. Having been away since last summer, item #1 on my agenda was to check-in with a few bodyshops to see how the new products had been getting on.

You guys love it!

The September launch of Farécla’s G3 Ultra Abrasive Compound saw the product as the fastest ever finishing system, providing bodyshops with vast improvements in speed, ease of use and quality of finish.

Good news! Four months on and this is exactly the story we’re hearing from our customers. In fact, we’ve had so much great feedback that we’ve now set up our Customer Testimonials Page to showcase the comments all in one place! I thought I’d share a couple of examples with you here:

"Easiest compound I have ever used." – Refinish Systems Ltd

“It's my first time using the G3 Premium Range and I'm very happy!” – Pitman Smart Repairs

“First class product supported by even better customer service.” - Marshall Motor Group

How can you get the same results?

To help you achieve the same results as the guys above, I’ve put together a few helpful tips on using the G3 Premium System. For a more detailed look at our recommended method, you can also download and print the process chart here.
  1. Preparation is key! Remove any surface defects with our G Sand Abrasives range – use grades P1200 to P2000 for Medium and High Solids paint systems and follow up with new P3000 discs for fully cured Ultra High Solids (UHS) and Scratch Resistant Clearcoats (SRC).
  2. Once you’ve achieved an even matte finish, apply a small amount of G3 Ultra Abrasive Compound to the surface and buff with a G Mop 6” Ultra Yellow Pad at 1500 – 1800rpm. It’s better to start slowly and build up speed as you go. Rememer: if the pad has dried compound on it from a previous job, it's a good idea to spur off with a Spurring Brush beforehand. 
  3. On the majority of repairs you’ll probably find that it’s job done at this stage. But for trickier jobs and darker colours you can take the finish further  with G3 Fine Finishing Compound and a G Mop 6” Yellow Waffle Pad, Again, take it nice and slow to start with at 1000rpm and slowly work your way up to 1500-1800rpm.

    G3 Fine can get you some serious readings on the gloss meter and should be enough to produce a HD reflection of yourself in your bodywork. But if you like to finish your jobs off with a glaze, then there is another optional step.

  4. For those that like to finish up with a glaze, we have G3 Finish Gloss Enhancer for that final shine. Apply this one at 1200-1800rpm with our G Mop 6” Red Waffle Pad.

All I can say now is give it a go and see the results for yourself! If you’re in a sharing mood, then let us know your feedback and we’ll add it to the Customer Testimonials page. We’re always interested to hear what you think so let us know your thoughts either through our social media channels or by emailing us at info@farecla.com.