Farécla Blog Entry 2: Fluid Dynamic Technology®

Fresh from an extended trip to Australia to support the Asia-Pacific launch of Farécla’s brand new G3 Extra compounding system, Buff Daddy reveals some of the secrets behind the ground-breaking performance of Farécla’s most advanced formulas.

Between embarrassing myself on surfboards and arguing with locals about cricket, I managed to visit a good number of distributors and bodyshops throughout sunny Australia. One of the more common questions I was asked involved the improved performance of our latest products and how this had been achieved - the answer is Fluid Dynamic Technology®. So, what exactly is it?
Now get ready, here comes the science bit
In Farécla’s compounds, abrasive particles start as sharp rock-like pieces and break down into small, smooth marbles. This makes them dual-action, allowing them to cut away imperfections as well as buff up surfaces to a polish shine.
With Fluid Dynamic Technology® however, that break down is controlled at the most effective rate. This gives an extra edge, with the power to remove surface defects, such as sanding marks, orange peel and paint run, and the time to polish up to a mirror gloss finish shiny enough for the Mrs to do her make up in!
Abrasive Break Down
Fluid Dynamic Technology® is the process that causes this, combining the abrasive particles with Farécla’s superior emulsion system to produce optimal performance. This unique technology platform is the key ingredient in our new compounds and polishes and has simply made them a cut above the rest (if you’ll excuse the pun).
The results
The results speak for themselves. Our new compounds and polishes* produce a superior gloss finish in a faster time than the competition. On top of that, they are a doddle to use with permanent results, less mess, low odour, low-solvent and low VOC content! Top stuff!! 
Overall, Fluid Dynamic Technology® makes Farécla products the most effective in the surface finishing and automotive refinishing industries. It allows bodyshops and detailers around the world to cut out paint flaws and get the mother of all buffed gloss finishes, all at Bolt speeds too! 
Well, I hope that clears that one up then. But where to next? I’m not sure yet, let me just finish my beer and I’ll get right back to you…
Buff Daddy
*Fluid Dynamic Technology® is contained in products within Farécla’s new G3 Premium and G3 Extra systems.