Customer Testimonials

Profile Range

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"We use a combination of Profile products in our composites manufacturing firm and they are brilliant. The Abrasive Discs sand out flash lines from gelcoats after they are removed from their moulds; and using Profile 100, 300 and 500, together with Farécla’s wool mop, we can remove DA marks and achieve a high gloss finish.
The results are excellent. We are particularly impressed by how the compounds actually remove the DA marks, rather than just polish them which some other products seem to do. They are also fairly priced – in fact, they are similar to others on the market but because their products are better suited to our applications, they represent better value for us. 
Their technical team were really supportive too! Not only did they show us how to reduce our application processes from 7 seven stages down to 4, but they also explained their techniques to us. And when we first started using the product buy ourselves, we weren’t quite able to get the same results as they’d shown us. So they were back on site within 2 days to help us out and since then we’ve been getting on great!"
“We’ve been using Profile P1000 Abrasive Discs, Profile 200 Course Cut Compound and Profile 500 Light Cut Compound on our steel hulls. The products are so quick – in comparison to our previous system, they’ve halved the work time for us! On top of that, the results are long lasting; we give our customers a 12 month guarantee on the finish and we have never received any complaints about the shine fading!
We originally switched to Farécla because their team was very good – when they visited, they demonstrated the products and gave us lots of helpful advice. But now since we’ve been using them, we’ve never had any problems with them – they’ve really worked for us!”
“We use Profile 700 and Profile 200 for wood finishing - they produce a great gloss and are quicker than other products we’d used before. You definitely get what you pay for!”