Product Overview

G Sand 6" (150mm) & 3" (75mm) 7-Hole Abrasive Discs

The Farécla Abrasives Range has been developed to offer solutions for fast, effective defect removal and preparation prior to the compounding process. With outstanding performance and a long life, these products provide an even and consistent scratch pattern with a universal attachment system allowing easy compatibility with multiple systems. 

The range caters for all paint systems, with P1200, P1500 and P2000 grades available for Medium and High Solids and P3000 for fully cured Ultra High Solids and Scratch Resistant Clearcoats.

  • Excellent cutting action - increased cut and durability
  • Reduced shelling - reduces rogue scratches and pigtails by 25%
  • Anti-clogging - unique anti-clogging coating for improved dust extraction
  • Clean finish - leaves an even and consistent scratch pattern
  • Easy to use - universal attachment system makes Farécla abrasives easy to use with multiple systems


  • For use by machine
  • For use by hand
  • For MS Paints
  • For HS Paints
  • For UHS/Scratch Resistant Clears
  • Water Based
  • Silicone Free
  • Contains Abrasive Particles
  • Contains Fluid Dynamic Technology
  • Contains Fillers/Glazing Agents

Available Pack Sizes:

P GradePack SizeCarton QuantityProduct Code
6" (150mm) - Blending Disc508GSD110
6" (150mm) - P1200508GSD112
6" (150mm) - P1500508GSD115
6" (150mm) - P2000508GSD120
6" (150mm) - P3000108GS3101
6" (150mm) - P3000108GS3101
3" (75mm) - P1200508GSD712
3" (75mm) - P1500508GSD715
3" (75mm) - P2000508GSD720
3" (75mm) - P3000208GS3701