Product Overview

G3 Detailer Liquid Spray wax

G3 Detailer is a fast liquid spray wax for ‘that just waxed’ look. It removes surface contaminants including compound residue, light dirt, dust and fingerprints to leave a just-waxed, high gloss finish. Provides a perfect complement to Farécla G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection when used in combination, aiding protection.
A label is available for our water spray bottles (WSB), code for the label is PRM1144.


  • For use by machine
  • For use by hand
  • Use on paintwork
  • Use on rubber
  • Use on vinyl
  • Use on plastic
  • Use on glass
  • Use on chrome
  • Waterless cleaner
  • Contains Abrasive Particles
  • Removes waxes

By Hand

Available Pack Sizes:

Pack SizeCarton QuantityProduct Code
1 US gallon2G3D118